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International Journal of Forming Processes
Have ceased Publication since 2008

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Special Issue
Multiscale Simulations and Experiments to Optimize Material Forming Processes

Guest Editors:
HABRAKEN Anne-Marie, STÖREN Sigurd

Prelude to Eight Essays on Control Science in the XX_th Century  [GRATUIT]
- pp.5-7
Editorial  [GRATUIT]
- pp.9-9
New and Advanced Numerical Strategies in Forming Process Simulation  [GRATUIT]
- pp.11-11
Optimizing Metal Forming Process Using Response Surface Approximation and Inverse Approach
Piotr BREITKOPF, Hakim NACEUR, Alain RASSINEUX, Pierre VILLON - pp.13-29
Influence of an Accurate Trimming Operation on Springback
Marianna AVETISYAN, Timo MEINDERS, J. Han HUÉTINK - pp.31-50
On the Incubation Time Computation in Resin Transfer Moulding Process Simulation
Fernando SANCHEZ, Juan A. GARCÍA, Llanos GASCÓN, Francisco CHINESTA - pp.51-67
Multiscale Approach in Material Forming Processes  [GRATUIT]
- pp.69-69
FEM and a Microstructure Based Work Hardening Model Used to Calculate Forming Limit Curves
Torodd BERSTAD, Trond FURU, Bjorn HOLMEDAL, Odd Sture HOPPERSTAD, Odd G. LADEMO, Erik NES, Ketill O. PEDERSEN - pp.71-85
Modelling of Glass Transition of PET and PEN by Molecular Dynamics
Bernard MONASSE, Michaël CHAILLY - pp.87-98
Identification of Models, Inverse Analysis and Physical Models  [GRATUIT]
- pp.99-99
Combination of Standard and Inverse Methods to Characterise the Anisotropic Behaviour of Aluminium Sheets. Inverse Method for Mechanical Tests on Sheets
Yvan CHASTEL, Vincent NALEWAJK, Romain FORESTIER, Jean-Paul NAUZIN, Elisabeth MASSONI - pp.101-115
Development of an Experimental Equipment for the Identification of Constitutive Laws
Paulo FLORES, Etienne RONDIA, Anne-Marie HABRAKEN - pp.117-137
Advances in Composite Forming Technologies and Modelling  [GRATUIT]
- pp.139-139
Spurious Wrinkles in Forming Simulations of Woven Fabric
Xiaobo YU, Lin YE, Yiu-Wing MAI - pp.141-155
Meso-Macro Optical Experimental Analysis of Woven Composite Reinforcement in Plane Shear during their Forming
Gilles HIVET, Jean LAUNAY, Philippe BOISSE - pp.157-167
Advances in Joining Technology, Covering Melting, Bonding and Mechanical Joining Processes  [GRATUIT]
- pp.169-169
Numerical Modelling of Riveted Joint Structures From Riveting Process down to Structural Analysis
Pierre-Olivier BOUCHARD, Patrice LASNE - pp.171-187
Combining Forming Results via Weld Models to Powerful Numerical Assemblies
Kim KOSE, Bert RIETMAN - pp.189-200
Advances in Modelling and Simulation of Solidification Processes Forming Including Semisolid  [GRATUIT]
- pp.201-201
3D-FEM Modeling of Macrosegregation in Solidification of Binary Alloys
Sylvain GOUTTEBROZE, Victor D. FACHINOTTI, Michel BELLET, Hervé COMBEAU - pp.203-217
Modelling of Crystallization in Injection Molding. A 3D Approach with a General Formulation of the Kinetic Law
Julia SMIRNOVA, Luisa SILVA, Bernard MONASSE, Jean-Marc HAUDIN, Jean-Loup CHENOT - pp.219-239
Advances in Sheet Forming, Thermo-Forming, Blowing, Section Bending and Hydroforming  [GRATUIT]
- pp.241-241
A Unified Approach for Wrinkling and Necking Failure Analysis for Tube Hydroforming
Michel BRUNET, Germaine NEFUSSI, Soufiène BOUMAIZA - pp.243-264
Thermal and Friction Effects during Plug Assisted Thermoforming. Experimental Approach
Aliza ERNER, Noëlle BILLON - pp.265-281
Experimental Verification of the PathIndependence of Forming Limit Stresses
Kengo YOSHIDA, Toshihiko KUWABARA, Kouji NARIHARA, Susumu TAKAHASHI - pp.283-298
Experimental and Simulative Applications of Double Sheet Hydroforming
Claudio GIARDINI, Elisabetta CERETTI - pp.299-314
Blanking and Cutting  [GRATUIT]
- pp.315-315
Simulating Dynamic Thermo-ElastoPlasticity in large Transformations with Adaptive Refinement in the NEM. Application to Shear Banding
Julien YVONNET, Philippe LORONG, David RYCKELYNCK, Francisco CHINESTA - pp.317-345
Experimental and Numerical Approaches of Laser Assisted Turning
Guénaël GERMAIN, Jean-Lou LEBRUN, Patrick ROBERT, Philippe DAL SANTO, Arnaud POITOU - pp.347-361
Modeling of the Flow Stress for AISI 52100 Bearing Steel during Hard Machining Processes
Domenico UMBRELLO, Jiang HUA, Rajiv SHIVPURI - pp.363-379
Composites Forming Simulation  [GRATUIT]
- pp.380-380
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