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International Journal of Forming Processes
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Material forming 1: Bulk, sheet, composite forming and cutting
Guest Editor Maciej PIETRZYK
Editorial  [GRATUIT]
- pp.237-240
Measurement of Temperature and Die Face Pressure during Hot Extrusion of Aluminium
Per T. MOE, Martin LEFSTAD, Robert FLATVAL, S. STØREN - pp.241-270
Overview of Various Bending Methods Directly after Extrusion Process
K. B. MÜLLER - pp.271-285
Metal Flow Analysis in Aluminium Extrusion Microstructural Characterization and Modeling
Wojciech Z. MISIOLEK, W. H. VAN GEERTRUYDEN, Steven R. CLAVES, Alexander R. BANDAR, Pawel KAZANOWSKI, Panya KANSUWAN - pp.287-298
Tensile Uniform Strain Analysis after Drawing of AISI 304 Stainless Steel Bars
Elaine C.S. CORRÊA, M. T. P. AGUILAR, P. R. CETLIN - pp.299-313
Rapid Proto-Typing with Sheet Metal CNC RPIF
J. JESWIET, E. HAGAN - pp.315-324
Pressure Distribution on the Tool Rake Face in Orthogonal Cutting Prediction and Measurement
Luigino FILICE, Fabrizio MICARI, Leonardo PAGNOTTA, Domenico UMBRELLO - pp.327-341
Effect of Thermal Properties of the Coupled Tool/Work Materials on the Tool-Chip Interface Behaviour
Wit GRZESIK - pp.343-354
Some Difficulties on Prediction of Tool Life and Machined Surface Quality through FEM
Shirakashi TAKAHIRO - pp.355-369
Metal Forming and Cutting with Superimposed Ultrasonic Oscillations
Joachim SCHÖCK, Bernd KRÖPLIN - pp.371-393
Forming of Long Fibre and Particulate Metal Matrix Composite Components
Philippe J. WITHERS - pp.397-411
Mathematical Modelling of Internal Geometry and Deformability of Woven Preforms
Stephan V. LOMOV, Thanh TRUONG CHI, Ignaas VERPOEST, Teo PEETERS, Dirk ROOSE, Philippe BOISSE, A. GASSER - pp.413-442
Fibre Orientation Modelling for Rubber Press Forming of Thermoplastic Laminates
Edwin A. D. LAMERS, Remko AKKERMAN, Sebastiann WIJSKAMP - pp.443-463
Forming of a Very Unbalanced Fabric Experiment and Simulation
Jean-Luc DANIEL, Damien SOULAT, François DUMONT, Bassem ZOUARI, Philippe BOISSE, Andrew C. LONG - pp.465-480
Polymer Microcomposites
Marek KOZLOWSKI - pp.481-490
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