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International Journal of Forming Processes
Have ceased Publication since 2008

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Material Forming 2: Modeling, simulation, optimization and material testing
Guest Editor Maciej PIETRZYK
Editorial  [GRATUIT]
- pp.7-10
A Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Convection and Diffusion in Injection Moulding
Serge BATKAM, Julien BRUCHON, Thierry COUPEZ - pp.11-33
The Adjoint State Method for Sensitivity Analysis of Non-Steady Problems Application to 3D Forging
Mehdi LAROUSSI, Lionel FOURMENT - pp.35-64
Exploitation of Genetic Algorithms for Optimization of Preventive Maintenance of Continuous Steel Casting Device
Jiří DAVID, Zora JANčÍKOVÁ, Milan VROžINA - pp.65-81
Thermomechanical Cutting Model Discretisation. Eulerian or Lagrangian, Mesh or Meshless?
Francisco CHINESTA, Philippe LORONG, David RYCKELYNCK, Miguel Angel MARTINEZ, Elias CUETO, Manuel DOBLARÉ, Gérard COFFIGNAL, Maurice TOURATIER, Julien YVONNET - pp.83-97
Inverse vs Incremental Numerical Approaches for Ductile Damage Prediction in Sheet Metal Forming
Abdelhakim CHEROUAT, Ying Qiao GUO, Khémaïs SAANOUNI, Yu Ming LI, Karl DEBRAY, Gilles LOPPIN - pp.99-122
Comparison of Two-Phase Finite Element Simulation with Experiments on Isothermal Die Filling of Semi-Solid Tin-Lead
Markus HUFSCHMIDT, Michael MODIGELL, Jerzy PETERA - pp.123-140
Application of Optimal Design and Control Strategies to the Hydroforming of Thin Walled Metallic Tubes
Jean-Claude GELIN, Carl LABERGERE - pp.141-158
Tailor Welded Blanks Characterization for Finite Element Analysis Applications
Gianfranco PALUMBO, Simona PINTO, Luigi TRICARICO - pp.159-175
Micro-Macro Modeling of the Isothermal Steady-State Behaviour of Semi-Solids
Véronique FAVIER, Carole ROUFF, Régis BIGOT, Marcel BERVEILLER, Marc ROBELET - pp.177-194
Crystallization of Polymers in a Temperature Gradient
Ewa PIORKOWSKA, Andrzej PAWLAK, Jean-Paul CHAPEL, Radoslaw NOWACKI - pp.195-208
New Developments in Physical Simulation of Thermomechanical Processing
David FERGUSON, Wayne CHEN, Roman KUZIAK - pp.211-222
Casting of Shape Strip from Molten Metal and Semi-Solid Slurry by Use of Roll Caster and Belt Caster
Toshio HAGA, Shinsuke SUZUKI - pp.223-232
The Tensile Properties of Semi-Solid Aluminum Alloys
Marius R. TWITE, John A. SPITTLE, Stephen G. R. BROWN - pp.233-260
Forming Experiments and Die Development for Processing Steels in the Semi-Solid Range
Reiner KOPP, Erich LUGSCHEIDER, Thomas HORNIG, Jens KALLWEIT, Michel MAES, Ingold SEIDL - pp.261-268
Micro Manufacturing with Laser Sintering A Scaled-up Process
Hugo LECLERC, Kader DJIOUA, Nathalie BOUDEAU, Jean-Claude GELIN - pp.269-278
Analysis of Material Flow in Plane-Strain Compression
Joachim SCHÖCK, Bernd KRÖPLIN, Klaus PÖHLANDT - pp.279-292
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