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International Journal of Forming Processes
Have ceased Publication since 2008

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Editorial  [GRATUIT]
Anne-Marie HABRAKEN - pp.197-198
Analysis of Phase Segregation Effects Arising in Fluid-particle Flows during Metal Injection Molding
Thierry BARRIERE, Boasheng LIU, Jean-Claude GELIN - pp.199-216
Semi-solid Processing of Engineering Alloys by a Twin-screw Rheomoulding Process
Zhongyun FAN, Shouxun JI, Mike J. BEVIS - pp.237-251
Micro Injection Moulding
Christian G. KUKLA - pp.253-267
Comparison of Ductile Damage Models
Cyril BORDREUIL, Emmanuelle VIDAL-SALLÉ, Jean-Claude BOYER - pp.303-318
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Blanking for Thin Sheet Metal Parts
Vincent LEMIALE, Philippe PICART, Sébastien MEUNIER - pp.319-333
Investigation of Springback Using Two Different Testing Methods
Martin ROHLEDER, Karl ROLL, Alexander BROSIUS, Matthias KLEINER - pp.347-360
Modeling of AlMg Sheet Forming at Elevated Temperatures
Anton H. VAN DEN BOOGAARD, Pieter Jan BOLT, Robert J. WERKHOVEN - pp.361-375
Hydroforming Processes for Tubular Parts
Optimisation by Means of Adaptive and Iterative FEM Simulation

Wim H. SILLEKENS, Robert J. WERKHOVEN - pp.377-393
Identification of non-linear Kinematic Hardening with Bend-reverse Bend Experiments in Anisotropic Sheet-metals
Michel BRUNET, Fabrice MORESTIN, Francis SABOURIN, Stéphane GODEREAUX - pp.395-411
On the Simulation of Microhardness at Large Strains Using a Gradient Theory of Plasticity
Thomas SVEDBERG, Kenneth RUNESSON - pp.413-430
Validation of the Cockcroft and Latham Fracture Criterion for Cold Heading of Steel Fasteners
Nicolas NICKOLETOPOULOS, Michel HONE, Yves VERREMAN, James A. NEMES - pp.445-462
Industrial Forging Design Using an Inverse Technique
Luísa C. SOUSA, Catarina F. CASTRO, Carlos C. ANTÓNIO, Abel D. SANTOS - pp.463-479
Analysis of Material Behaviour at High Strain Rates for Modeling Machining Processes
Paolo BARIANI, Guido BERTI, Stefano CORAZZA - pp.499-509
A Comparative Study of Crystallization of iPP and PA6 under Pressure
Vicenzo LA CARRUBBA, Valerio BRUCATO, S. PICCAROLO - pp.511-534
Austenite-to-Ferrite Phase Transformation during Continuous Casting of Steels
Ernst GAMSJÄGER, Franz Dieter FISCHER, Christian M. CHIMANI, Jiri SVOBODA - pp.551-572
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