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International Journal of Forming Processes
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Prediction of Defects in Material Processing
Editorial  [GRATUIT]
- pp.149-152
Application of Extended Bernoulli's Theorem to Prediction of Central Bursting Defects in Extrusion and Drawing
Sergei E. ALEXANDROV, Elena A. LYAMINA - pp.153-162
Identification of a Continuum Damage Model from Micro-hardness Measurements. Application to Backward Extrusion Process
- pp.163-173
Growth and Coalescence of non Spherical Voids in Metals Deformed at Elevated Temperature
Antoine BALDACCI, Helmut KLÖCKER, Julian DRIVER - pp.175-188
Lattice Misorientations in Titanium Alloys Modeling the Origins of Defects
Nathan R. BARTON, Paul R. DAWSON - pp.189-201
Interaction of Initial and Newly Born Damage in Fatigue Crack Growth and Structural Integrity
Vladimir V. BOLOTIN - pp.203-214
A Ductile Damage Model with Inclusion Considerations Three-dimensional Prediction of Cavity Growth in Finite Transformations
Cyril BORDREUIL, Jean-Claude BOYER, Emmanuelle SALLÉ - pp.215-224
Failure Prediction in Anisotropic Sheet Metals under Forming Operations using Damage Theory
Michel BRUNET, Fabrice MORESTIN, Hélène WALTER - pp.225-235
Analysis and Experiment on Void Closure Behavior inside the Sheet during Sheet Rolling Processes
Dyi-Cheng CHEN, Yeong-Maw HWANG - pp.237-246
Analysis of the Interply Porosities in Thermoplastic Composites Forming Processes
Anthony CHERUET, Damien SOULAT, Philippe BOISSE, Eric SOCCARD, Serge MAISON-LE-POËC - pp.247-258
Predicting Material Defects in Reactive Polymeric Flows
Francisco CHINESTA - pp.259-268
Anisotropic Damage for Aluminium
Patrick CROIX, Franck LAURO, Jérôme OUDIN - pp.269-285
Shape Defects Measurement in 3D Sheet Metal Stamping Processes
Leonardo D'ACQUISTO, Livan FRATINI - pp.287-298
Cavity Defects and Failure Study of Ceramic Components
- pp.299-315
Prediction of Necking Initiation during the Bending of Metal-rubber Profiles by FEM Simulations of the Forming Process
Monique GASPÉRINI, David BOSCHER, Eric HOFERLIN, Cristian TEODOSIU - pp.317-326
Application of the Variational Self-Consistent Model to the Deformation Textures of Titanium
- pp.327-336
Influence of Strain-hardening and Damage on the Solid-state Drawing of Poly(oxymethylene)
Christian G'SELL, Ian M. WARD - pp.337-349
Mathematical Modeling of Dynamic Processes of Irreversible Deforming, Micro- and Macrofracture of Solids and Structures
Alexey B. KISELEV, Alexander A. LUK'YANOV - pp.351-362
Numerical Simulation of Ductile Damage in Metal Forming Processes. A Simple Predictive Model. 1. Theoretical and Numerical Aspects
Jean-François MARIAGE, Khémaïs SAANOUNI, Philippe LESTRIEZ, Abdelhakim CHEROUAT - pp.363-376
Numerical Simulation of Ductile Damage in Metal Forming Processes. A Simple Predictive Model 2. Some applications
Jean-François MARIAGE, Khémaïs SAANOUNI, Philippe LESTRIEZ, Abdelhakim CHEROUAT - pp.377-390
A Simplified Model of Residual Stresses Induced by Punching
- pp.391-400
Wrinkling and Necking Instabilities for Tube Hydroforming
Germaine NEFUSSI, Alain COMBESCURE, Noel DAHAN - pp.401-411
Forming Limit Curves in Blow Molding for a Polymer Exhibiting Deformation Induced Crystallization
Arnaud POITOU, Amine AMMAR, Germaine NEFUSSI - pp.413-421
Modeling of Thin Sheet Blanking with a Micromechanical Approach Application of the MTS Model
Christophe POIZAT, Christophe HUSSON, Said AHZI, Nadia BAHLOULI, Laurent MERLE - pp.423-432
Anisotropy in Thin, Canning Sheet Metals
David W.A. REES - pp.433-443
Progress in Microscopic Modeling of Damage in Steel at High Temperature
- pp.445-455
Use of Laser-Doppler Velocimetry and Flow Birefringence to Characterize Spurt Flow Instability during Extrusion of Molten HDPE
- pp.457-465
Induced non Homogeneity in a Saturated Granular Media Submitted to Slow Shearing
Nicolas ROUSSEL, Christophe LANOS, Yannick MÉLINGE - pp.467-476
A Priori Model Reduction Method for Thermo-mechanical Simulations
David RYCKELYNCK - pp.477-491
Fatigue Analysis of Materials and Structures using a Continuum Damage Model
Omar SALOMÓN, Sergio OLLER, Eugenio OÑATE - pp.493-503
Influence of Initial and Induced Hardening on the Formability in Sheet Metal Forming
Sébastien THIBAUD, Jean-Claude GELIN - pp.505-520
Computational Characterization of Microto Macroscopic Mechanical Behavior and Damage Polymer Containing SecondPhase Particles
Yoshihiro TOMITA, Wei LU - pp.521-530
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